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Car Donation Process


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Receive A Tax Deductible Receipt For Your Donation

Full "Fair Market Value" deduction possible, if we provide your vehicle to a deserving family*

Have More Donation Program Questions?

Once we receive your information we will make an initial determination whether your vehicle may be suitable to be used as a “program” car (to be provided to a family) or whether the vehicle will be sold at auction or for salvage.

If your vehicle is not suitable to be a “program” car, we will mail you a letter stating that “your vehicle does not meet our criteria to be a program car and will be sold”. This letter serves as your receipt and may be used for tax purposes for you to value the donation up to $500. Once the vehicle is sold, if the gross sales price is over $500 you will be sent an additional receipt within 30 days of the sale that will include the sales price that you must use to value your donation.

If your vehicle is tentatively accepted to be used as a “program vehicle”, our office will contact you by phone and explain our “program vehicle” process in detail (a “program vehicle” is a vehicle that will be provided to a qualified person or entity and entitles the donor to receive the maximum “Fair Market Value” Tax Receipt). Additionally, we will notify the donor by phone and in writing if their vehicle absolutely qualifies as a “program vehicle”. If you would like to be 100% certain that your vehicle will be used as a “program vehicle” simply ask our donation representative about our pre-approval process (1-800-242-7489 x 2).

One of our towing companies will contact you to schedule a convenient time to pick up your vehicle at no charge. Once you have scheduled the tow, please prepare your vehicle’s title for transfer by writing the name Charity Cars, Inc. on the “buyer/purchaser” line and sign your name where it states “seller” exactly as it appears on the title. The tow truck driver will pick up your vehicle as well as the title. If you are uncomfortable about handing your title to the tow truck driver, you can make prior arrangements with the donation representative to mail your title to the Charity Cars headquarters.

If we provide your donated vehicle to a struggling family or qualified entity you may claim the “Fair market value” tax-deduction. According to the IRS, the donor, (not the recipient charity), must determine the value of their donation. Assistance in determining the “fair market value” can be found at https://www.kbb.com Kelly Blue Books’ website. Use private party value as a guide. Donors valuing their donation in excess of $5000 must acquire an independent appraisal. Our customer service representatives can provide additional information. Last Updated (Friday, 27 December 2013 17:48)

Answers to other questions you may have can be found on our Frequently Asked Questions page, or feel free to contact us.