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IRS 990
Source Guidestar.org IRS 990 as of 6/03/2017
% of Total Expenses (Part 1, Line 18)
Reported as Program Grants (Part 1, Line 13)
IRS 990 2015
Website 800CharityCars.org
Company(Charity Cars, Inc.)
source 84%
IRS 990 2015
Website WheelsForWishes.org/Make-A-Wish
Company (Car Donation Foundation)
(Car Donation Foundation)
source 36%
IRS 990 2015
Website Kars4Kids.org
Company (Kars 4 Kids, Inc.)
source 44%
IRS 990 2015
Website PurpleHeartCars.org
Company (Military Order Of the Purple Heart Services Foundation)
source 15%
IRS 990 2015
Website VietnamVeteransCarDonation.org
Company (Vietnam Veterans of America)
source 18%
IRS 990 2015
Website CarsForVeterans.org
Company (National Veterans Services Fund)
source 7%
IRS 990 2015
Website CarsHelpingVeterans.org
Company (Others First)
(Others First)
(Others First)
source 15%
IRS 990 2015
Website PVA.org
Company (Paralyzed Veterans of America)
source 7%
IRS 990 2015
Website AmericaCarsForKids.org
Company (America Cars For Kids)
source 22%
IRS 990 2015
Website CarsForWishes.org
Company (Children’s Wish Foundation)
source 29%
IRS 990 2015
Website DonateACar2Charity.org
Company (Activated Ministries)
source 3%
IRS 990 2014
Website CarsForUSTroops.org
Company (Growing in Voices)
(Growing in Voices)
source 8%
IRS 990 2014
Website Cars4Causes.net
Company (Cars 4 Causes)
source 33%
IRS 990 2014
Website CarDonations.com
Company (American Diabetes Association)
IRS 990 2014
Website Cars4DisabledVets.org
Company (Vetmade Industries)
source 0%
Website GoodWillCarDonations.org
Company (Administered by 3rd Party For-Profit
National Charity Services)
source We Cannot Ascertain

* A study by the GAO found that nationally, on average, only about 35% of proceeds reached the charity when a 3rd party administered the vehicle donation program.

VeteranCarDonations.org ( Name Not registered as a charity on Guidestar.org )

DonateCarToVeterans.org ( Name Not registered as a charity on Guidestar.org )

Make A Dramatic & Immediate Impact!

Donate Your Car to a Veteran, Struggling Family

1-800-Charity Cars is the only national car donation charity dedicated to providing donated vehicles to Veterans and struggling families which enables the donor to claim the “fair market value” tax deduction.

We believe that our program utilizes our nation’s valuable donated vehicle resources in the most productive way-providing free vehicles to Veterans and struggling families. Few programs impact the lives of individuals and families as dramatically and immediately as 1-800-Charity Cars.